exterior & interior stairs-materials

staircase materials 

Staircase used a variety of materials, from wood to steel. The choice of building material is primarily determined by the functional purpose and location of the stairs.

exterior stairs with wood handrails
outdoor stairs design 

outdoor stairs

So for the construction of outdoor stairs usually take durable, resistant to changes in temperature and precipitation materials such as brick, concrete, metal. Wood is more suitable for the production of internal stairs, if we do it from the exterior design, the tree must also be treated with an antiseptic.also very important to consider the possibility of formation of the ice cover on the steps in the winter. To ensure the safe movement of tread should be done with a corrugated surface. Often, brick and concrete stairs are faced with a variety of optional decorative materials, such as granite, marble, tile and mosaic tiles. 

outdoor marble stairs design
marble outdoor stairs design with hidden lights
outdoor stairs
outdoor stairs white color

interior stairs

Regarding manufacturing interior staircases, here traditional materials are wood and metal.Note that the construction of the metal structure will require special equipment, large enough effort and complexity is many times higher than similar wooden stairs. But on the other hand, metal stairs have high durability, reliability and durability. And most importantly, they are much safer wooden stairs from the point of view of fire protection. timber most demand at the moment such breeds as oak and pine, widely used, and other coniferous wood such as cedar or larch.Oak structure has high density and therefore it is more reliable in operation. Conifers, though much softer than oak, but they are comfortable in handling. Remember that the moisture content of wood, which is used for the production of stairs must comply with humidity, established in the same room where there will be the ladder. A huge variety of designs allows simultaneous use of  wood ladder and metal . 

interior metal stairs - steel handrails
interior metal steel stairs black color
interior metal stairs with steel handrails and risers
interior metal stairs with glass


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