How to install a folding attic stairs

Folding attic Stairs

Folding attic Stairs is a versatile piece folding as it doubles up leaving the space free when not in use. With integrated spring. the stairway extends from the ceiling simply by pulling a cord. to install one of these stairs requires hard work and some assistants to help you install the ladder . Get ready for heavy lifting and cutting your roof with the necessary tools before you begin.

Folding attic Stairs
Folding attic stairs

You will need

Reciprocating saw
Nails 3-inch 
Tables 2x4 
Drill pilot
Lag screws (included) 
Electric Screwdriver

installation steps

  • Measure the opening of the attic and buy a ladder of the appropriate size, or measure and cut the entry ceiling with a reciprocating saw to fit the dimensions of your stairs design . Short beams with the saw and mounted two tables of 2x6 on the ends of the beams, perpendicular to them with temporary supports, 3-inch nails and using the hammer.                                                                                                            
  • Lift the ladder through the opening and Support it with some beams. Cut nails and temporarily supports with 2x4 boards across the bottom of the opening you just made ​​using nails and hammer.            
  • Place the ladder on the brackets and center it so that there is space evenly between the edge of the stairs and beams. Insert shims between the ladder and tables.                                                                         
  • Pre drilled holes with the pilot bit for the screws with which you'll adjust the ladder . Hold the ladder to the joists using long screws that come with it using the electric screwdriver.                                                   
  • Removes support tables and opens the door. Sets the stairs so it is not resting on the attic door by loosening the bolts and tightening them again even the device is in the proper position.                                      
  • Measure the distance between the last section of stairs and floor. Cut the legs of the ladder with the saw to fit to size. Slide the rubber feet at the ends of the ladder by hitting them with a hammer until it is in right place.                                    


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