Architectural Photography: abandoned Stairs by Christian Richter

Architectural Photography: abandoned Stairs 

abandoned stairs design by christian Richter
abandoned stairs design by christian Richter
The world around us is a world of things and places, an architectural framework for most of us. Photographing architecture is to explore, read and decipher these places: a slow and careful way of observing the world. In this series of photographs, the architect and architectural photographer Christian Richters portrays abandoned stairs ... essentially functional-element for vertical connection between different levels of a building, which carries a strong symbolism that exceeds their initial destination.

stairs design photography by Christian Richter
Amazing stairs photography by christian Richter
After completing his studies at the Folkwang School of Art in Essen, Germany, Richter began photographing architecture from the 90s, initially focusing on the cities and historic buildings, but soon began to portray contemporary architecture.

abandoned stair pictures by Christian Richter
creative abandoned stairs photography
He has worked internationally with some of the most famous architects of today, in most cases, portraying his works for more than two decades. Much of his photographic work has been published in books and architectural journals worldwide.

abandoned spiral stairs by Christian Richter
spiral stairs photography by Christian Richter
spiral stairs by Christian Richter
spiral stairs 
Architectural stairs Photography by Christian Richter
abandoned Stairs Photography by Christian Richter 


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