endless stairs

Impossible staircase

endless stairs
impossible stairs design
Impossible staircase - one of the basic impossible projects. It is sometimes called the endless stairs . If someone would want to go up or go down on her, then, after passing four flights of stairs, he would have been in the same point where you started your journey. A walk on the stairs goes on, and without moving from its starting point.

Model impossible staircase developed by English biologist Lionel Penrose (Lionel Penrose) with his son - a renowned mathematician Roger Penrose (Roger Penrose) . She was the first impossible object that M. Escher (MC Escher) used in his work - a lithograph "Ascending and Descending" ("Ascending and Descending") , which depicts the mysterious monastery on its roof recreated impossible staircase.

Although Asher and Layoner and Roger Penrose made ​​impossible staircase known around the world, it was opened a few years before their Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard (Oscar Reutersvard) . But neither Penrose nor Escher were not familiar with the works Reutersvard.

Consider in more detail the impossible staircase (see Fig. Below). If you move the ladder clockwise, we will continually rise, and if we move counter clockwise, then - down. While it may seem that such a construction is not possible in the real world, in fact (like many of impossible projects ) impossible stairs can be represented as a real model. The secret here lies in the fact that the real model impossible stairs should be a gap in the area of the right corner (shown), which in this case is not seen as a viewpoint chosen deliberately to hide the gap.
endless staircase project
endless stairs


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