How to install wood stairs

Stairs is the Complex and voluminous element of a  house. With its help provided vertical linkages along different trajectories. Quite often, people are engaged in the installation of wooden stairs. Cause it requires special attention.

How to install wood stairs
Wood Stairs


  • Stairs presents alternating inclined parts with stepped surface. Also, it must be present horizontal parts. Stairs distinguished by location marches in the stairwell. The width of the staging area must be more than the width of the march. Width of the condominium site can determine a convenient location with entrance door to the apartment , but it must be greater than the width of the march. Currently, the most common are pace stair. Ascending and descending marches they are separated at intervals of 10-15 centimeters. Parapet railing is installed above the platform about 0.9 meters.

  • At any stairs railing necessarily be in the form of capital fireproof walls. From the attic staircase cell walls separated and overlap. They must also be fire resistant. This opening can be done only doorway to enter the attic.

  • Wooden staircase Her stage located on Saddle or on the string. Each piece of wooden stairs should be made ​​of first-class timber. Its humidity should not exceed 12 percent. Tread made ​​of pine or oak planks . They must have a minimum number of knots. Risers can be made ​​of pine boards. It should be noted that the stairs at Saddle looks much prettier than the staircase on the string. However stairs bars need a large cross section. As for cutting steps will reduce stringers. Ascension and landings wooden stairs can be hung from the bottom battens. To reduce the risk of ignition must be plastered them.


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