Stairs Designs Forms

Stairs Various Forms

Stairs forms depend on the destination, location and architectural design of buildings in which they are located.
stairs forms
Stairs Various Forms

Floating Stairs 

most common type of stairs - they are simple and economical. Most often pace stair design consists of two, usually of the same length, marches and two sites: cozy and intercommunication. If instead intercommunication platform to project multiple oblique (winder) stages, the length of the ladder, and thus the area of dealing with it, can be significantly reduced. By embedding the stairs in a doorway in which the stairs with straight pads do not fit. steps make simultaneous climb and turn, that allows to project the main marches flatter. Open staircases, stairs steps and intercommunication platforms, may have in terms of L-, P-, T-, W-and Z-shaped form.

Stairs, consisting of one winder steps, called a screw .

Spiral Stairs

A spiral staircase has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the spiral staircase in front of the march is to a smaller area. Usually spiral staircase fits into a circle whose center is the leg . When levels 1m and equal altitudes risers, spiral stairs occupies a half times less than the march. However, the speed of 1.5 m length and equal altitudes risers, the areas occupied by the spiral stairs .Further increase in the radius of the spiral stairs becomes impractical, because it is considerably inferior to a stairs in comfort. march spiral stairs has a different slant: the closer to the center, the staircase becomes steeper. When a shoot on the spiral stairs is one leg on a gentle slope, the other - on the steep. Also, the closer to the center, the narrower the step. To partially reduce inconvenience shoot, stage spiral stairs often do without risers, that however, does not improve the descent down the stairs.

spiral and curved stairs
spiral and curved stairs

If the center post of a spiral stairs to extend or not to install, you get a so-called spiral stairs . Spiral staircase with a perfect inner and outer radius and with variable inner and outer radii - straight- . stairs as marching, make T-, P-or S-shaped.

When designing stairs should stick to the rule: the more exotic staircase in the figure, the more expensive it is more difficult to make and often inconvenient to use.


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