stairs designs that interrupt reality

Art and Architecture: stairs that interrupt reality

stairs designs by lang baumann
Floating stairs designs by Lang Baumann

"No longer will often see that the ground is folded so that one hand up at right angles to the ground plane, and then the next part is placed parallel to this plane, to make way for a new perpendicular, conduct repeating spiral or broken line to highly varying heights. " (Julio Cortázar, Click for climbing a ladder).

beautiful steps by lang baumann
beautiful steps designed by Lang Baumann
A good design of stairs is a successful challenge by the architect. The novelty in various shapes and colors, movements and interactions allow us to understand the true sense of space and understand the optimum effect that breaks paradigms , a continuous change of perspective to move in it, as does the interesting study Lang Baumann through their projects Beautiful Steps.

let's take a tour of the stairs designs

stairs designed by lang baumann
Creative stairs designed by Lang Baumann
stairs design by lang baumann
Amazing stairs design by Lang Baumann
floating stair by lang baumann
Floating stair by lang Bultmann
beautiful steps by lang baumann
Beautiful steps design by Lang Baumann
stairs design by lang baumann
Beautiful stairs design by Lang Baumann
 beautiful stairs by lang baumann
 Beautiful steps by Lang Baumann


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