Top 10 multifunctional stairs designs

creative stairs designs by modern furniture designers  

examples of top 10 multifunctional stairs
examples of top 10 multifunctional stairs designs
Rise not only to the second floor, but also a new level of design of the living space inside the library allow stairs cupboard ladder, hanging ladder-bedroom and many other improved versions of ordinary stairs design. This review presents a dozen examples of the original furniture from the speed of today's designers.

stairs from French creatives of Cinna - hybrid bookcase and mini-staircase. With its help young children learn to read without problems would get vending book from a high shelf. However, parents will have to find another place for literature, with which kids learn early. Designers themselves pursuing purely aesthetic purpose - to give a modern home library stacks ancient form in which it was impossible to do without stairs.

bookcase and mini staircase
bookcase and mini staircase
Ascending Retreat Expresses - staircase, fitted under the bed space. In addition to the steps, "set" includes hanging furniture - bed, desk and seat-rope swing. Author of the idea - Timo ( Thiemo Hildebrandt ), - sure that this solution is ideal for children's and teen rooms in small houses .

bedroom stairs design by Thiemo Hildebrandt
bedroom stairs design by Thiemo Hildebrandt
Staircase Storage Solution - a fancy wardrobe, drawers which nominated such as ladder rungs. Thanks to a custom design to get to the things that are stored on the top, maybe without using ladders, chairs and other items, adding a dozen or more centimeters.

wardrobe staircase storage solution
wardrobe staircase storage solution - space saver stairs
Built-in mini-ladder shoe shelves Uni-craft Joinery Step Drawers - creative and convenient alternative to traditional bulky cabinets and open shelves. The only thing that may cause inconvenience - the inability to dry soaked shoes just inside steps. But the height of the ladder allows you to select on a separate box for shoes, umbrellas , scarves and other settled in the hallway relevant details.

space saver stairs
creative space saver stairs
Designed Smith Matthias stepladder Tilt is not as simple as it may seem. To it is attached a set of removable shelves and drawers. Thanks to them, the stairs will also have a place as a shelf in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

multifunctional stairs by smith matthias
multifunctional stairs by smith Matthias
Stairs Library ( Bookcase Staircase ) will appeal to those who do not want to clutter up the already tight living space. Original wardrobe, London designers invented the art of Bureau Levitate , able to accommodate and sustain more than 2,000 books. And steps are wide enough to serve as a bench owners to read.

bookcase staircase design
bookcase staircase design
Stairs-dressers popular in densely populated Japan, where people used to fight for every square inch inside the housing. Their example inspired not familiar with this problem, but very conscious American designers Damara Ortolani Sisti  and Moynian Megan . Result of teamwork - multifunctional ladder Tansu Chest Stairs , supplemented not only boxes, but a secret storage area.

space saver stairs - cupboard design
space saver stairs - cupboard design
Step Ladder Chair - chair-ladder from the category of things "and suddenly come in handy." Of course, the ladder very few people want every day, but sooner or later in any apartment renovation begins. And it is known, can not be done once and for all. While the old wallpaper match mood, Step Ladder Chair not gather dust on the balcony and benefits - as a regular chair.
steel foldaway stairs
steel foldaway stairs, stairs Chair
Ido Krigsmenn found the best way to catch the three birds at once - make stairs elegant look, protect yourself and your family from home accidents and do not pay for electricity. Built in stages LEDs react to the pressure coming, illuminating and extinguished automatically. 

multifunctional smart stairs designs
multifunctional smart stairs designs
Funny furniture combination Power Chair from drapes Guillaume ( Guillaume Drapier ) as a real ladder can only use a very small child. But "people" older can easily find a couple of the more interesting interior solutions. Power Chair - this bench and table, and the towel In any case, each family member will have their own personal "step".

power chair for all family
power chair for all family, staircase


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