glass staircase designs, types and Features

Glass Staircase a Symbol of Modernity

In this article, we are featuring various types, style and designs of glass staircases that add sophistication and elegance to your home. Just take a look and be inspired to these stairs designs so that you could take your pick for your next project.

glass staircase, floating stairs
glass staircase, floating stairs

floating glass stairs

glass staircase in the interior
glass staircase in the interior
Glass in the last decade has become an integral part of the modern interior. First, to improve and expand its production processes, so the choice and opportunities become much wider. Secondly, the glass is found in many modern religious buildings. List of buildings with a stunning glass staircase leads Apple Store in New York, created by the architect Peter Bohlin (Peter Bohlin).

glass staircase, floating stairs
Interior of AR Design Studio Ltd
glass staircase, floating stairs
Interior from Robert Granoff
As soon as the attention paid to the glass staircase leading architects and designers, the interest in the unusual element of the interior has reached unprecedented heights. True, there are problems with the practicality and care, but that does not make for the sake of beauty.

spiral stairs, spiral glass stairs

glass staircase, spiral stairs
Interior from European Cabinets & Design Studios
glass staircase, floating stairs
glass staircase, floating stairs
When it comes to design stairs, it is usually the result makes it easy to lose. It certainly will be a luxurious composite center that complements any room. And if the stairs would be a glass, it is not enough words to describe her beauty.

glass staircase, floating stairs
Interior stairs
glass staircase, floating stairs
Glass stairs from Curtis Laney & Laney - The Design Company
Spiral staircases - a great way to save floor space. Because in modern interiors are mainly used unpretentious straight lines, smooth curves that create a pleasant geometric stairs contrast.

glass staircase : Functionality and beauty 

glass staircase, floating stairs
beauty of glass stairs
Remembering the beauty, do not forget about the practicality of glass staircases. Of course, the glass can not be compared in this respect with the traditional solid wood, but it does not mean that the glass structure is fragile and unreliable. In addition, most of these ladders is resistant to mechanical damage. To break it, you will need a sledgehammer and remarkable strength.

glass staircase, floating stairs
Glass staircase from Elite Metalcraft
glass staircase, floating stairs
Interior of Lisa Teague Design Studios
At the same time we should recognize that glass staircase function performs more aesthetic than practical. Most designers advise to acquire two staircases that they are used simultaneously. And if you have children in the house, then from the glass stairs should be abandoned.

glass stairs Unit texture

glass staircase, floating stairs
Glass stairs from Nico van der Meulen Architects
color glass,glass staircase, floating stairs
Colored glass staircase from Glennwood Custom Builders
Glass stairs - this is another great way to enter into the interior of several textures. The house, which already has a concrete, stone and wood, just need something for harmony. Glass staircase will allow to achieve this without much difficulty.

Glass Staircase Features

Until recently, glass furniture was nothing more than a fairy tale, because the properties required for the operation of such furniture to give the glass learned only today. And it is not a fairy tale, but in real life, people move on glass stairs.

glass stairs
unique glass stairs design 
And, as it turns out, there are difficulties of perception that can move through the transparent material. And because glass stairs express courage in expressing feelings, display of emotion.

Today, thanks to modern technology the glass becomes so strong that it is not necessary to be afraid, but get used to the stairs is not possible, it will be all the years of surprise and amaze the "sea" of new sensations.

Glass manufacturing technology known to mankind for over 4000 years. Glass was used in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Glass production on an industrial scale began in the 19th century in Europe.

glass staircase
glass stairs design
Glass repeatedly won the hearts and minds of designers. And now the glass on the peak of popularity, its possibilities are endless with the help window, you can create any style interiors, but, above all, the glass - a symbol of modernity.

For the manufacture of ladders used a glass and not its analogs made by the multilayer bonding technology "multiplex" rather triplex - two or more layers of glass glued together by means of a liquid polymer is a connecting and reinforcing material. Bonding layers of glass liquid polymer is accompanied by further irradiation with ultraviolet light.

There is another variant of connection of layers of glass: applying a bonding material in the polymer film, the further heating in an oven. Adding liquid polymer colorants can give the effect of stained glass. Application of the film a bit more expensive, but this glass is more resistant to temperature changes.

There is a special way of handling the glass edges - bevelling , which allows you to receive new design glass surface. Bevelling carried out in several stages: Seam surface profile of a given size, tightening surface grinding, polishing and edging. The result is a perfectly smooth and absolutely safe edge, giving the product a luxurious look and transforms into a stylish glass decor element.

glass stairs with steel handrails
stylish glass stairs
Glass staircase design dictates the material ladder should be light and strong.

The determining factor is the strength of the glass staircase number of holes in the glass. The smaller hole, the stronger design. In some cases it is necessary to carry out joining of the elements using an adhesive.

To realize the idea of ​​a glass staircase ideal building of concrete, solid bricks with concrete floors.

glass staircase
stairs designs made of glass
To establish the stairs of glass in ordinary urban areas with hardwood floors require special preparatory works, the amount of which is determined individually for each situation.
Glass staircase is not cheap, high price dictates the design complexity and implementation of ideas. But the result is worth the cost !

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