Louisville ladder Care

How to clean Louisville ladder 

Since its founding in 1946, Louisville Ladder has been an industry leader in product innovation.
A Louisville ladder the stairs makes the American company of the same name and are distributed around the world.The company manufactures a large selection of different stairs, including stairs standing, folding and extension ladders for both contractors and residential use. High humidity and salt water can wear down your staircase negatively Louisville, especially near the hinges and seals. A thorough cleaning of the stairs can help prevent wear and damage by the elements.

Louisville ladder Care
Louisville ladder Care

You will need to clean your Louisville ladders

2-Warm water
3-Towel dry
5-Lubricant Spray

Louisville ladder Care
Louisville ladder


1-Visually inspect your ladder to make sure all steps are firm before cleaning.

2- Check moving parts to determine if there are areas that require lubrication.

3- Soak a clean towel and wring it out . Wipe the ladder down with the damp towel thoroughly to clean it. Do not use soap or other cleaners that might leave the steps slippery .

4- Dry the entire ladder completely once you have cleaned it.

5- Apply a small amount of spray lubricant, such as WD-40, in the joints and moving parts, but not spray the steps or other areas where you are placing your feet when you go.
Louisville ladder
Louisville ladder

Tips and Warnings

Save your Louisville ladder in a dry place that is neither too hot nor cold.

Louisville ladder
Louisville ladder - has many advantages



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