stair carpet : designs and Tips

stair carpet : 4 important considerations for installing carpet on stairs

stair carpet
important considerations for installing carpet on stairs

A staircase is one of the heaviest trafficked areas in a home. It can also be one of the most visible. Carpet on a staircase will save wear and tear on the wood steps and provide a visual element to a home's decor.
Ladders often have a cover on top of the empty building or a carpet that runs through the center of the steps from top to bottom. Stair carpets can be made of any sufficiently flexible material to cover the stairs without impeding Ascent them.

stair carpet
stair carpet on wood stairs
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stair carpet runner : Materials

Some companies include options carpet ladder when installing new carpeting. These carpets are usually the same staircase, color, material and pattern as the carpet of the house or the complement. You can buy stair carpets or rugs made from synthetic or natural fabrics or protective materials such as plastic or thin rubber surfaces often have raised, slip. The most common synthetic materials stair carpets include nylon, olefin, and polyester.

stair carpet runner
stair carpet runner
stair carpet runner
creative stair carpet runner 

stair runner carpet : Purpose

Stair carpets can be purely decorative, installed for reasons of practicality or safety, or serve multiple purposes. Decorative stair carpets often combined with designs or materials covers hallway floors or connected homes. These mats also protect the original covers of excessive wear or make safer the steps adding a rough texture to the surfaces of the steps.

stair runner carpet
stair runner carpet in hallway

stairs carpet : Finishes and styles

Stair carpets are finished or unfinished edges at either end. Of the carpet is cut from a roll of carpet, the ends have not finished.To prevent Slipping the ends are fixed with studs where the steps intersect, or they are made ​​or finished with double stitched binding, a process that seals the edges with thread loops to prevent Slipping. If the carpet has a pattern ends and sides will be capped or uncapped. The edges are finished off picture frame at the ends, while not abruptly cut the pattern in which begins and ends the carpet.

stairs carpet amazing idea
stairs carpet amazing idea

carpet runners : Sizes and measures

The rugs come in standard ladder widths between 27 and 31 inches (69-79 cm) to accommodate different widths of stairs.Ideally, stair carpets must be six inches (15 cm) wide unless the ladder, or three inches on each side (7 cm). To determine the required length for a standard stair carpet, straight, multiply the number of steps you want to cover by 21 inches (53 cm), covering each step, the step surface and elevation, the height of the part that connects .For spiral staircases or forms strange, you must be a professional who determines carpets the required dimensions.

carpet runners
carpet runners and amazing decoration color
space saver stairs and red carpet runners
space saver stairs and red carpet runners 

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