stair handrail : Simple designs

Stair Handrail Design Ideas

If you've recently installed stairs in your house or just want to change the design of your staircase railing, there are a variety of designs to choose from. Two general categories of designs simple handrail are separate or wall. As counsel generally always consult a professional before installing handrails and always follow local building codes.

Stair Handrail Design Ideas
Stair Handrail Design Ideas

handrails for stairs

The ladder is mounted handrails typically made ​​of wood or metal and requires a simple installation procedure for most households. These mounted handrail stairs are very diverse and can choose from a wide variety of styles, depending on how you want to look to your home decor. The design of the rail mounted is fixed directly to the wall, in the event that the steps have an adjacent wall. Installation requires only that the height at which you want to set the handrail to the wall is measured. Align the metal parts, supplied with the rail, with wall studs. Bolts are support beams that are placed inside the drywall of the home. Punch holes in the studs and screw the pieces on the wall. These parts are linked directly to the wood or metal railing.

handrails for stairs
handrails for stairs
handrails for stairs
 simple handrails for stairs in the interior 

staircase railing : separate

The designs of railings separate staircases are more complex, as they must be equipped with additional support.These designs railing connect directly to the floor or a molding that runs along the stairs, and usually located on the opposite wall mounted adjacent to where you installed the side railings.Independent handrails typically have handrails at the beginning and end of the rail. Pay special attention to your measurements to make sure you can adapt to a railing on both ends of the handrail.

staircase railing
staircase railing - L shape stairs design

curved stair railing : Spiral Stairs

For more complex staircases, spiral stairs as the characteristics of design of the railing are made ​​more complicated by the curvature of the stairs.These railings are custom designed and may require you to have a lot of experience in woodworking to design and install a curved stair railing. Often these designs are prefabricated metal railings as they tend to be easier to install. Always consult a professional before installing handrails and always follow local building codes.

curved stair railing
curved stair railing - U shaped stairs design
spiral stair railing
spiral stair railing - with stairs wall decorating

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