7 Tips for Choosing stair design, ideas

How to choose stairs designs for your home

space saver stairs
space saver stairs

    First of all, decide what kind of staircase designs you'd like to see in your house,The most convenient and safe considered straight stairway platform with or without it. 

    Spiral - beautiful and quite economical in terms of space, but not very useful when ascending and descending. Do not choose it if your house has small children and the elderly. But the stairs and rails are comfortable and aesthetic. 

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    spiral stairs
    spiral stairs
      Pay attention to the stairs. First, they must be non-slip. Second, they must be placed exactly parallel to the floor, without the slightest inclination. Correctly pick railing. For them should be equally comfortable to hold as the lowest and the highest member of the family. Ensure that the handrails were tight and safe, and the length of the ladder coincided with the height of the floor.                                                                        
      wood stairs
      wood stairs 
        Make sure that the angle of the staircase was not more than 45 degrees. The most optimal option-is 35-40 degrees. Pay attention to the width of the steps. It should not be less than 80 cm.

         interior wood stairs design
        The most robust and durable considered ladders, made of stainless steel. Their lifespan is usually 40-50 years. Stairs made of brass can quickly darken and anodized aluminum - deformed. Chrome steel is an average of 5 years, and painted - 3 years.                
        wood stairs with stainless steel handrails
          Very popular among owners of cottages enjoy wooden stairs. If you chose it for this element of the interior, you know that the most durable wood, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage from teak, mahogany, walnut, ash, wenge. Solid rocks also include: oak, maple and beech. But maple may turn yellow and crack, beech - deformed, and the oak is very susceptible to oil, traces of which with scrub oak staircase is almost impossible.                                                                                             
          wooden stairs design
          wooden stairs
            For the manufacture of glass stairs is usually used, durable and easy Acrylic Glass. However, over time it may turn yellow. Laminated and tempered glass are prone to scratches.       
            glass staircase
            glass stairs design 

              If you decide to put in your house a stone stairs, prefer long lasting and durable quarter or granite. Natural marble - quite soft rock .                                                                                                                                     
              stone stairs
              stone stairs
              Before owners of  apartments and  cottages  start building their homes often raises the question: "How to choose a ladder for home?". This piece of furniture should combine reliability, safety, practicality and, of course, appeal. 

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