decorating stairs : Creative Ways to Decorate Your Stairs

decorating stairs, designs, ideas 

decorating stairs
decorating stairs : Creative Ways to Decorate Your Stairs

It is common that when we choose the decor of our home that usually pay attention to both colors as decorative objects, furniture, etc. . However, the stairs usually end up spending quite unnoticed, and I thought it might be interesting to devote some time to get ideas for decorating stairs .
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stairs decorating ideas : How to decorate the staircase

how to paint stairs, Chevron Pattern
How to choose stairs designs for your home

types of stairs

The first thing we have in mind when we get to decorate our staircase is obviously the type of structure you have.That is, we have to pay attention to whether it is a spiral staircase a staircase work with the wall in one of the two sides, a straight stairs with walls on either side or straight work without walls on the side .
decorating stairs
decorating stairs, designs, ideas
All these elements are very important since they depend on the type of decoration that we can choose.

Let's start talking about the spiral stairs . Already, this type of stairs with a very aesthetic touch to our home. However, within the spiral stairs we see spiral stairs made ​​from work or spiral staircases made ​​in forging .When stairs are made ​​of forge besides the color, the fact is that we can add some more, because it has a distinct design and add an excess of decorative elements, can lead us to stay all overly ornate .

spiral stairs decoration
spiral stairs decoration, ideas
Otherwise, if the spiral staircases are intensive, and can cater for some very interesting ideas.

Usually when it is a spiral staircase work around it a wall. Personally I think what is best in this regard are the windows, which will help us illuminate perfectly and we have to keep in mind that this is a kind of more dangerous staircase .
carpeting stairs
spiral staircase with big mirror, carpeting stairs
Besides using flooring, we also have the ability to add some simple pictures during the tour. One idea might be to add some sort of embellishment related to Sea World , so imagine that we get up to a lighthouse.

how to decorate stairs

As discussed above, when decorating stairs work we can find that do not have side walls , having a wall or having two walls.
stairs stickers designs
stairs stickers designs, painting stairs
In the event that it is a staircase with two walls , it is important to consider a good decoration, as the sense of self is that we are entering a tunnel.

However, it is also important to avoid reload, as a rule tends to be more narrow stairs and can be uncomfortable or too overwhelming to have all full path eg frame.
decorating stairs
stairs decorating ideas
In short, I personally like to find a minimalist decor in these cases and use light colors to help visibility.
straight stairs
stairs design, two wall stairs decoration 
As for the stairs that have a wall on one of its sides, here we will have more decorative possibilities .
First, not to be closed on both sides, enjoy more light, so it is probably not necessary that we install any additional system .

mosaic stairs
mosaic stairs design, ideas
In this case, it is very important to take care of the rail model , as will be discussed, along with the steps, the most important decorative elements .

However, depending on the length of the ladder , it can be highly recommended to introduce decorative elements on the wall. We can choose from including some small boxes to shelves with books or even small objects.Anyway it is very important to note that these racks will be installed only in the cases where our stairs are wide enough as it can become a nuisance considerable if every time we have to raise or lower be dodging these objects .
Staircase Wall decorating ideas, art frames
Staircase Wall decorating ideas, art frames
Another interesting idea that we can include on the wall of the stairs and is particularly suitable for those narrow stairs are vinyl.

In the market we can find a wide variety of vinyl different than besides it's very cheap, we can afford to give that stairs perfect decorating touch .
y shaped stairs
y shaped stairs, design, decoration
I think the stickers are the perfect solution for those stairs are very high because the ceiling of the ground floor of the house is very high, but also are too narrow, so we found a very high wall we fill in with any decor to avoid soulless spaces, but we also have the problem that we are practically limited to color , since due to the narrowness of the staircase is not possible that we can not even put pictures.

wood stairs decoration design
wood stairs decoration design
Finally, it is possible that we find central stairs , ie those stairs that have no walls or one or the other side.

Obviously, in this case we have to focus on materials that we used for the realization of the ladder and the type of railing, as it is not usual that we can add other decorative elements.
under stairs storage, ideas, designs
under stairs storage, ideas, designs
I also want to take this opportunity to remind you that the space which is just under the stairs can be ideal to take advantage and create a corner to add a shelf, put a wine rack, enter a custom furniture and so on.
under stairs storage solutions, ideas
under stairs storage solutions, ideas
And it goes without saying that the market offers a wide variety of different types of materials that will help us strengthen our decor or achieve the decorative style we were looking for the very best ideas to decorate stairs in our home . 


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