stairs decorating ideas : How to decorate the staircase

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Staircase to become an interior decoration, you need to make some effort. Consider how this will look like a functional element of the decor, it is necessary at the stage of designing a house. Do not forget that the ladder must be not only beautiful, but first of all to be safe and comfortable.

You will need

  • Trims .
  •  Coatings .
  •  Lighting sources .
  •  Carpet, linoleum or rubber mats.

decorating stairs ideas :  Instruction 

    If the ladder is built on concrete or metal base, Stone, wooden steps, imitation  or bowstring, wall-mounted and boots etc. Wood stairs always looks warmer and cozier than stone or tile.                                                                                                
    decorating stairs
    wood stairs - decorating idea
    If you decide to decorate the staircase with a  tree, pay attention to the paintwork. Translucent coatings stress the texture of wood, and the processing is repeated traces irregularities. If you like rustic comfort and naturalness, limit minimum and grinding, then cover the surface with clear lacquer.                                                
      decorate the staircase with a  tree
      decorate the staircase with a  tree

      same varnishes and enamels give a completely different color, hide a tree structure and at the same time emphasize the irregularities, so be sure to grind the surface, align the filler, primer before painting.                                                                
      decorate the staircase
      simple decor for stairs

      When choosing colors and type paint color, consider fencing and floor, ceiling and walls. Especially try to get in tune, if the walls are finished with materials from wood.

      To give a great view of the stairs, buy ready stages of solid oak or other wood. This work is quite tedious and requires patience, but the result is worth it.

      If there is an opportunity to use in the design  wood of different breeds and colors or different coatings. For example, finished tread light varnish and stain cover dark tones. Right combination always looks rich and interesting.                                  
      stair carpeting
      stair runner - decor and safety
      Steps to protect  against wear and reduce noise when walking, cover the stage rolled tracks. Be sure to secure them with plastic or wooden baseboards rods.

      You can also cover the steps (treads) of decorative rugs with rubber or linoleum. Secure them to the width of metal or wooden slats, and in length - metal corners.  
      decorating stairs
      stair rugs - interior decor
      If the ladder is sideways to the entrance, it is important to organize the space and decorate the wall behind her.                                                                            
      carpet stair
      interior stairs - carpet stair
      Stairs to the entrance facing march decorate carpet, pay special attention to the stage and lighting. Even a small light levels significantly change the face of the house and increase the safety of movement on the stairs.


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