ladder shelves, ideas and unusual stairs designs

decorative ladder shelves, ideas

creative interior stairs
unconventional use of stairs in the interior

Innovative home decor more out of the ordinary and usual. Instead of monotonous decor, you can choose original and unusual pieces of furniture that will bring to the interior style and elegance. Designers offer make ladder shelf or any installation!

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interior stairs Chelle Design Group
interior stairs from Chelle Design Group
Stairs are a great alternative to traditional cabinets. Charming rustic style blends with compact designs. Shiny, elegant and original shelves make each stay of old loft ladder and turn it into something stylish and original!

white ladder shelves

stairs ideas
Modern apartment and stairs from Sabrina Elfin Interiors
There are many different ways to change and revitalize the living rooms without compromising the overall design space. Modern designs of stairs shelves are ideal for most modern interiors. Thanks to its appearance ladders can bring visual contrast.
unusual stairs ideas
Modern living room in neutral colors from Flüff Designs & Decor
ladder shelves
ladder shelves from Designs from Home
They do not take up much space and give any interior a new sound. Located next to a beautiful fireplace or a large window, stair installation can completely change a boring lonely corner! Stairs designs look attractive in small rooms, and spacious. Particularly well they fit into the rustic style.

ladder shelves : in kitchen

In the house there is one place where there is always sorely lacking storage space. This is the kitchen! In this case, the shelving of the staircases will be just excellent solution. They not only allow you to effectively organize kitchen space, they also create a fabulous opportunity to showcase dishes and china.

new ladder shelves idea
Wine bar and ladder shelves
Unconventional use of stairs in the interior
Original shelf ladder
Replace the shelf simple wicker basket and additional storage space is ready! Moreover, so you can create the perfect balance between open and closed shelves.

book shelves, new designs

ideas and unusual stairs designs
stairs designs in bedrooms
Small bedroom decor can often be a daunting task. After all, this space should be not only beautiful in appearance, but also comfortable. If the designs are over, then come to the aid ladder shelves! Especially an element of decor lovers will appreciate the books, because the ladder bookshelves are a great way of storing a plurality of favorite books. Besides, this rack is very compact and does not take up much space in the room. To create visual symmetry of the room can be used, even two such stack.

ideas and unusual stairs designs
bookshelves from Ana Donahue Interiors
Bedroom bookshelves from Kelly Cruz Interiors
bookshelves from Asbury Remodeling & Construction
This should be the slogan of this mantra for all owners of small apartments. If the room is sorely lacking space, it can not expand horizontally and vertically. Perfect solution for modern home offices, because the ladder shelves can store office supplies, add files, folders and documents in order.

bookshelves - creative design
Just put a thin ladder with shelves for books in close proximity to your favorite chair and floor lamp and - voila! Charming, cozy reading corner ready! If little shelves on the stairs, you can also use double-sided ladder.

ladder shelving : bathroom

ladder shelving
ladder shelving from Liz Prater Design Home
ladder shelving
ladder shelving from David Howell Design
What a bathroom with no towel racks! As hangers can use the stairs. Cute and original. This stylish design decision will make any bathroom unique. Using towels in bright shades of color can change the color palette of the entire room, depending on fashion trends and seasons.

Stair shelves can be used in landscape design. Particularly suitable for this old stairs that usually are able to create in the garden warm and inviting atmosphere. Use an old ladder to demonstrate favorite houseplants. In addition, you can decorate the stairs several shiny vases with fresh seasonal flowers.
ladder shelving unit
ladder shelving unit - in garden
Embodying creative contemporary minimalism, stair shelves can be used in almost every corner of the house. There are many ideas that can be done even with the old staircase that seems lifeless.


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