spiral staircases : design ideas and features

spiral stairs : the best space saver stairs

spiral staircases design ideas and features
spiral staircases design ideas and features

Spiral stairs are also called fan-shaped, spiral. Spiral staircases applied to a great extent, as auxiliary or if no other option, it is acceptable stairs. This is due to the fact that in relation to other types of ladders, they are less comfortable. most important advantage of the spiral staircase is that it takes up little space. It is quite possible to build on a small patch area of only 1.5 square meters. Marching same stairs in a small area can not be built - angle is too large and climb it will be extremely uncomfortable.

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spiral staircases design
white spiral staircases design 
The construction of the spiral staircase is cheaper compared to the march, besides spiral stairs design can serve as decor, making notes in the interior of originality and style.Comfortable of this design and the fact that the space beneath it remains free, and she seems to air stairs and lightweight. But this is only the advantages. Let us now look at the disadvantages of spiral staircases. 

the cons of spiral stairs

The first thing that comes to mind - it's not exactly a comfortable lift, it is simply impossible to move fast, you must also begin to cling to the railing as the descent, and when lifting, otherwise the probability of injury is too high. To ensure maximum comfort lift and descent, you need to think carefully about the design of the spiral stairs and calculate its dimensions . It is also understood that for frequent use, to carry large items narrow staircase width of only 1 meter does not work. Spiral stairs, rather, should be considered as an alternative existing stairway. spiral stairs is different from all the other types.Stages are fixed radially, forming a kind of screw that plan may be circular or polygonal shape. Form is dictated by the location relative to the walls of the stairs, if it is in the distance - steps form a circle, if nearby - polygon. 

metal spiral stairs
metal spiral stairs
The design of spiral staircases used the string that have either the outer edge of a flight of stairs, or in the middle, as well as the central support column. Best design spiral staircase is considered one where steps fastened with one hand on the center stock and the other hand on the walls around the perimeter. It is also possible steps only mount on the wall, then For this wall embedded grooves and put them on plates. 
spiral stair design - with iron handrails
spiral stair design -  iron handrails

spiral stairs :  materials

spiral stairs steps made ​​predominantly from solid hardwood, such as oak, maple or beech, as well as metal, glass, sometimes - of plastic . can be used marble and tile, but it is for outdoor structures. Bowstring and railings made ​​of  hardwood, metal or a combination of wood and metal. Support can be brick, concrete, stone or wood. Preferred rack make of the finished pipe - steel or asbestos board. 
spiral stairs - wood handrails
creative spiral stairs - wood handrails

spiral staircase : Features

Plus spiral staircases in their compactness. They do not require a large space for its installation, if necessary, the ladder can be mounted on the wall. Often spiral stairs in the house serves as a decorative design element. Minus spiral staircases - they represent a certain complexity in the elderly uphill or downhill and dangerous if children are present or who suffers poor coordination of movements. Transporting large items on a spiral stairs will be complicated.

spiral staircase design
spiral staircase design, metal stairs, handrails
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