spiral stairs : designs, ideas, Pros and Cons

spiral staircases : To make your home deluxe

spiral stairs  designs, ideas
spiral stairs  designs, ideas

The duplex apartments and homes where there is more than two floors, for communication between the floors needed a ladder. 

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Spiral staircase with library stairs

Among the many diverse options stairs most spectacular and popular. spiral staircases They can be seen in old buildings, but still they remain excellent architectural solution for the interior. Spiral staircases have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing and purchasing these designs.

spiral stairs designs, ideas
spiral staircase with handrails 
Screw (spiral) staircase gently meanders along its foundation down to bind several levels of the building. Rod, column or pillar is a central part of such ladders to him in a spiral attached stage with a second end attached to the retaining wall. Sometimes support levels becomes only a wall. In this case, the center is a space that looks stylish and impressive.

spiral stairs designs
fancy spiral stairs 
Helical structure made of different materials: metal, wood, stone, concrete, and glass. The most popular of them are wood and metal. Besides possible different combinations of these materials. Among them, the most popular metal stone, metal, wood, concrete and metal. The use of different materials allows the spiral stairs designs to demonstrate interesting stylized solutions and different shapes. Design spiral staircases largely depends on various forms and stages of their attachment methods.

wood spiral stairs
creative wood spiral stairs - modern handrails

Design features spiral staircases require the step height of 19 cm (minimum). And the most convenient height 15-18 cm is considered Therefore, if you need to walk up the stairs, and often a lot or live in the house if the elderly, better to choose a practical stairway, although the latter is not so economical and beautiful.

spiral stairs designs : advantages

The main advantage of the spiral staircase - its small size. In contrast to the rectilinear structures, it does not require allocation of a large area and allows you to save a few meters. Twist product will connect a large room with a loft, a basement floor or a small attic. Free space can be used effectively, and the house will be more spacious. This is especially true for housing, size of the area which is achieved due to the number of floors, as well as for small houses.

spiral stairs
elegant spiral stairs with iron handrails - stairs lighting
Another advantage of spiral staircases - a romantic component. Thanks to this design, your home will be transformed and acquire a distinctive, well-kept and even the mysterious appearance. Such an element in the interior will make the atmosphere of enchantment and lightness.In addition, it will please your eye with aesthetics and elegance of smooth lines.

metal spiral stairs
interior metal stairs 
third advantage of this design in your home - its originality. She can become the main "highlight" of the interior, from which you can make a start when planning home design. In addition, you will have something to show off to your guests, because there is a spiral staircase not at all. The main thing is that it blends harmoniously with the overall style of your home. Such an element of the interior you ideal if home design in classic style. Considerable advantage spiral design - its relatively inexpensive price. In particular, the simplest models of metal spiral stairs are quite cheap.

spiral stairs
spiral staircase white color
 On the other hand, wooden spiral staircases can be made ​​out of wood - such as mahogany.Such products will decorate a house and emphasize the respectability of their respective owners. spiral staircase installation methods are fairly simple. If desired, you can save considerably on installation or collect this product yourself. You need to purchase a set of different elements, and following the instructions to the product, mount the spiral staircase. You can also build a spiral staircase by hands. Pre important to perform all the calculations of its size.

wood spiral stairs
wood spiral stairs - amazing interior stairs

spiral staircases : disadvantages

In the spiral stair, there are significant drawbacks. Because of the increased distance between the steps, as well as decreasing closer to the pole stage area itself there is a risk to stumble on the stairs and getting hurt. In most cases, the width of the steps on conventional ladders calculated based on the consideration that it should fit the entire foot adult. spiral design on this rule is not observed if the stage at its outer edge is more or less wide, closer to the post they are narrowed.So, the foot can easily slip off the step. Because of the increased possibility of injury spiral stairs to acquire desirable for families with young children. Kids love to run up the stairs, and spiral designs are incompatible. 

spiral stair design
deluxe spiral stairs design  
After all, when going up and down stairs so you must be very careful, very careful, and keep the handrails.Sophisticated turning geometry of the spiral stair and uneven step width hardly like not very healthy, and the elderly. In addition, if you yourself often go down or go up a run, and should not stop your choice on the spiral stair. If it down quickly and do not hold on to the railing, you can get seriously injured.

wood spiral stairs
wood spiral staircase - white handrails
should also consider the fact that the spiral stair you can not carry heavy objects. Helical structure is more suitable for quiet people who appreciate a regular life, which rise to the upper floors is not too often.
Do you have a spiral stairs in your home ?? 


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