interior stairs : 5 ideas and designs That Add a Touch of Fantasy To Your Home

interior stairs designs and modern materials

Stairs refers to one of the most complex home designs. Its originality and convenience depends on a judicious combination of technology and aesthetic preferences.

interior stairs designs and modern materials
interior stairs designs and modern materials
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Staircase - one of the oldest human inventions. The first written evidence of the construction technology of stairs belong to the era of the pyramids of ancient Egypt, which, in essence, is the giant stone staircase. Staircase in the interior can be constructed from stone, wood, brick or metal, which, incidentally, began to use the material after all. Metal alloy construction steel used throughout Europe in the XVI century, with improved casting technology.

interior stairs ideas and designs
interior stairs with glass handrails, ideas and designs 
In addition to traditional wood - stone - metal and use more modern materials such as glass, plastic, liquid stone. Glass staircase in the interior look impressive, minimalist and somewhat shocking. Typically they are made of laminated glass, formed in the multilayer bonding technology.

interior stairs design
interior wood stairs design with metal handrails design
Not so long ago appeared in ladders liquid stone. Despite its numerous advantages, plants, where it would be cast or cut into desired shape elements. Therefore, the manufacture of stairs entirely of this material becomes a lengthy, time-consuming and expensive process. Stairs are also made of plastic (by injection of resins reinforced with fiberglass). Steps plastic lightest and thus have a high degree of wear resistance. Their shelf life comes to fifty years.

modern interior stairs
modern interior stairs design
For classical interiors preferred travertine, marble, granite, onyx. Such a stone staircase in the interior always looks luxurious and adds additional emphasis home.

interior stairs
interior stairs design That Add a Touch of Fantasy To Your Home
Overall style of the design of stairs can be selected on the basis of photographs, but for a final decision must be treated to a professional. The set of parameters affect the quality - the material chosen to design features of the stairs, which also did not forget.


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