metal stairs : strength, weight and flexibility

Metal Stairs : designs: sleek, durable and strong

For the production of stairs, railings, handrails and fences are now widely used various metals and their alloys, having the necessary indicators of strength, weight and flexibility. Stairs of this type are a great option for any home. Of course, many metal seems too cold, but in fact plays a role in the design variation of the embodiment of the idea, not the material. 

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metal stairs with handrails
metal stairs with handrails

At the same time, the metal can give a room more creativity than various alternatives, with metal construction will be stronger.

spiral metal stairs
spiral metal stairs
stairs design may be wholly metal, and partially when metallic elements are combined with other materials.For example, on a metal frame can be set up stairs of wood, marble, stone, concrete and even plastic, different strength, durability, resistance to mechanical impact, abrasion and detergents. Maybe wood stairs and stainless steel handrails .

metal stairs
amazing metal stairs
Stairs made of metal can be not only in public but also in residential buildings, because, in addition to its primary function to serve as a member of the interior, giving the room a special elegance and majesty.

metal stair
black metal stairs design 
Recently, for the manufacture of ladder elements used stainless steel. Especially often this material is used in the manufacture of stairs for swimming pools, as resistant to corrosion and is not afraid of high humidity and constant contact with water.

metal stairs
 interior metal stairs design
The stairs designs of stainless steel are not afraid of changes in temperature and external factors, which allows their use for the production and exterior designs. For example, handrails, railings, fences, stainless steel are durable and do not require special care - just wipe them regularly. Their service life can exceed 50 years, and they will retain the original look.

metal stairs
metal stairs with steel handrails
for the designs of metal stairs, they can be screwed, or marching on rails.


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