space saver stairs : new modular stairs design

modular stairs : new design for small spaces 

Modular open stair suitable for small environments. This stairs designs combines advanced technology, practicality and sturdiness in kit packing to permit quick delivery.

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space saver stairs
space saver stairs for small spaces

Stair Structure

The rise adjustment is made by a steel spacer positioned between the two supports. The structure of the platform is completely modular, in order to allow the assembly of the components depending on the stairs sense of climb. For additional stair rigidity there are some special lateral supports that fix the structure to the wall. Mini Plus closeup .

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wood space saver stairs
space saver stairs

stair Risers

Intermediate risers Min 7.8" Max 9.4" The first riser is fixed at 7.8" .
space saver stairs risers
stairs risers design

stair Steps

The steps are manufactured in solid European beech wood with a thickness of 1.5" and beveled around the edges. The connection to the structure are made with bolts screwed to the steel plate of the supports.
wood space saver stairs
small stair steps, space saver stairs

stair Railing

The railing system is made with steel tubing balusters diam. 0.86", fixed beside the step and to the handrail. The handrail is of solid beech wood. (diam . 2" in lengths of 39.37").

space saver stairs - railings
stair railings
space saver stairs railings
space saving stairs
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