stair lighting : smart ideas , step lights tips and creative designs

Ideas for lighting stairs, indoor stair lights

staircases Although they are only a passing, also deserve our attention, since it is necessary to maintain the same aesthetic as the rest of the house. 
Moreover, it is equally important to bear in mind the stairs lighting, both for safety, for the overall decor of the space, since a good light can highlight other ornamental elements.

Ideas for lighting stairs, indoor stair lights
Ideas for lighting stairs, indoor stair lights

lighting must be an internal staircase the result of several factors .it's natural light, the shadows generate and the amount of light needed 
a good way to improve the stairs light is to install a small wall sconces, a little above the stairs . thus, increases visibility, and also the aesthetics of the staircase is generally highlighted. 

stair tread lights
stair tread lights - hidden wall lights
Moreover, we also need a lamp that provides general illumination , for it will be as comfortable as the side panels, which do not go up or go down when hinder. 

stair lighting smart ideas
interior lights - stair lighting smart ideas
Anyway, the best option is to use the built-in lighting, as it lets you put the light where it is most needed: each of the steps or two at least. In addition, as LED lights are used, consumes almost no electricity. 

interior stairs lights
  creative ideas - interior stairs lights
Integrated Lighting has several installation options, from the vertical step on either side of the steps, or just one. Another method is to place the light source just on the upper surface of the tread.This type of light is more intense, but not very functional, because only illuminates a very specific point, and directly to the person who goes through them. 

Anyway, the criteria to place lighting on a ladder must be seen to be access and level differences. And this idea can be applied to all types of stairs, regardless of size, and whether they are indoor or outdoor.

stairs with lights
stairs with lights - floating wood stairs
Staircase in the interior should not only integrate harmoniously with the overall design concept, but to be safe. That it meets these requirements at the same time, you can use the back light .

interior stair lighting ideas
interior stair lighting ideas
Even regular stairs with the help of illumination can instantly turn into an original piece of furniture. Designers can show imagination in everything, because the ladder can be multi-layered, with railings made ​​of noble material (from wood to natural stone and metal). Illumination stairs involves adherence to the simple rules.

interior stair lighting ideas
interior stair lighting ideas with glass handrail

stair lighting : tips , step lights designs

First, the lights along the march should be placed so that they were at the same distance from each other and thus covered all stages. 

Secondly, the illumination must be done not too bright, so it does not glaring and not blinded. most optimum lighting option - it lights stages. Make it possible at the expense of small lamps, placed symmetrically and parallel steps. You can use neon, halogen or LED lights.

led interior lights
led interior lights - stone stairs wall
Very nice will look lamps built directly into the stage. If the staircase is made ​​of stone or suggests the ability to embed lights in stages, they can be built into the railing. This will help to achieve the desired aesthetic effect and provide additional security .

curved stairs with stair lighting
curved stairs with stair lighting
When choosing fixtures need to pay attention to their strength. They should be in metal housings or casing made ​​of durable plastic. LED lights favorably that they no breakable items, and small size allow them to place on any part of the stairs design.

interior led lights
interior led lights - wood stairs
Fiber optic lights allow to implement any design decisions. With light intensity, you can create the right mood. Strong light makes the space more and more alive, and a weak warm light will help to calm down and create a cozy atmosphere in the house. 

step lights
step lights, carpeting stairs
Creating back light stairs in an apartment or house, you need to show imagination, but at the same time comply with the principles of safety. Proper lighting will turn staircase in an original and unique design elements that will be admired by all guests.

wall lights
wall lights, stair lighting design

What do you think about this ideas ?


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