Staircase Designs : 9 Creative and Unique ideas

Creative Staircase Designs

Boring these stairs. Almost like a door . Do not get me wrong: if stairs regularly leads from the ground floor to the next, she had a wonderful designing and all that. But it would be nice if they were a little more interesting and unusual designs
Here are a few stairs, walking on which you first long wonder, and only later was surprised to realize that you are already out of breath.

space saver stairs

space saver stairs
space saver stairs

Very, very strange why these stairs are not yet present in every self-respecting home. Is that the one-step closer homes to nothing, and in multi-storey apartments and so you can not even fill the furniture space so that it does not look like a desert ... although my experience is that many do not put furniture, still junk in it does not fit. In general, yes - each step is also a drawer, as the dresser. They can hide a herd of slippers for guests to put old clothes, which is a pity to throw, stash payroll and punish infractions beloved cat. Yes, even heirlooms store - boxes made so skillfully that no one will notice their presence.

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piano stairs

Stairs located in a building of Sony in Ginza, Tokyo. The principle is simple: each step plays a note, if you stand on it, and the side lamp lights. Color rainbow lights repeated and sound stage in accordance with notes order. Frankly, this is not the best solution for the house - it threatens to annoy for the second day. Yes, and for training in the piano will not work: to play on a ladder scale, I'll be going over it, like a mountain goat, trying not to miss the desired note, with the risk to break his leg in the process. 

twisted stairs

twisted stairs design
twisted stairs
was a man, 
crooked legs, 
and he walked a century 
By gnarled track. seems the creators of this staircase inspired a song. What can I say, look at the creation of a bang, very unusual and pretty. That's just not vouch that walk on it comfortably and safely, and what would happen if she fall - imagine scary. Especially here so you wake up early in the morning at his country cottage barely unstuck eyes, habitually go gently in the middle of the stairs ... In general, would have to take a horizontal position. Only you can decide exactly which victims requires art, especially when it comes to your own home.


stairs design
staircase slide
Design - Rodney Miller @ wood innovations Okay, that the world is rich - without them, many of the ideas would have remained unfulfilled simply because tomfoolery on people with average incomes money spared. Take the example of a multimillionaire Scott Jones (Scott Jones). He decided to slightly reduce its state and create a ladder in the spirit of slides. Perhaps, as a child he loved to slide down the banisters. This thing immediately began to admire and envy people worldwide. A dream embodied by craftsman Rodney Miller (Rodney Miller). To create this toys took thirteen months. And the descent is equipped with optical lighting that changes color, as many as eight colors. Apparently made ​​to surrender.

curved stairs : carved stairs 

carved stairs design
carved stairs 
Design - Dave Stewart Stairs carved out of huge logs Kauri timber. The Bare Facts: section of the barrel, used under the stairs, weighed fifty tons, timber itself - one hundred forty tons. Studies have shown that the log had lain on the ground 45000-50000 years, and annual rings say that living tree stood for 1087 years before the fall. Needless to say, it's the giant kauri tree trunk that has ever been found. On the creation of stairs people worked a total of five hours.
stairs design carved into a huge tree
unusual stairs design carved into a huge tree
Just for all of the above ladder deserve respect and honor. 
And she is also very beautiful 
this baby is located in «Ancient Kauri Kingdom» in New Zealand.

retractable stairs

retractable stairs design
creative stairs design
Industrial designer Aaron Tang (Aaron Tang) created this fantastic retractable stairs, using, in his words, "normal joints and valves." Yeah, all these would be "normal" valves, especially those who have home not too spacious. Or those who do not like to let guests on the upper floor of his house .

steel stairs

steel stairs
steel stairs design in shopping center
A resident of London, designer Hezeruik Thomas (Thomas Heatherwick) created this incredible 55-ton structure serving stairs in the year before. He worked for the huge new shopping center in New York. Since only collects praise from around the world. They deserved: collect such ladder - is a natural logistical nightmare. Each of the seventeen steel belts should be installed very accurately to all the pieces came together and led precisely to the top floor. Presumably, it was worth it: With stairs store gained popularity. And how nice for you!
steel stairs design
steel stairs design

Hanging stairs

hanging stairs
hanging stairs design, Switzerland
Design - Jürg Conzett and Rolf Bachofner rarely see a ladder, which is also the bridge. Swiss designers Jürg Conzett and Rolf Bachofner found that the best way to get across Traversinertobel in Switzerland, because the only safe for mounting points are located on different levels, so that the usual bridge would create a number of problems. Therefore, we have 56-foot ladder bridge. For the suspended structure it looks very safe and comfortable.
hanging staircase design
hanging stairs

spiral staircases

old spiral stairs in church
spiral staircase
Spiral staircase, devoid of any central support - if just a little thought, just understand that it is impossible. And it is, and built without a single nail. It is situated in Loretto Chapel (Loretto chapel) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Many tend to consider it a miracle appearance. She even has a legend. Chapel was built in the 19th century, and when the construction was completed, it was found that there is no ladder by which you can get to the top. Parishioners 9 days praying to St. Joseph, patron of the chapel. On the last day came the stranger and promised to build a ladder. And he built - without use of nails or glue. Then he disappeared without waiting for payment. Many say that it was the saint Joseph. Anyway, there were three unsolvable riddles of the ladder: - it holds, devoid of central support if it can not understand any of the designer? - the name of its creator is still unknown - who he is? - and where did the wood? Stairs made ​​of wood, which generally does not grow in that region.

wood spiral stairs
 spiral staircases design 
Maybe massive central helix serves as a support? But that as it may, the stairs are really impressive.


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