Interior Stairs : Own The Luxury in Your Home

interior stairs : consistent with the style of the interior design, new ideas .

History of the stairs began simultaneously with the history of mankind. But the most interesting thing is that with the beginning of time, nothing has changed in the proportions. Even step staircase steps remained the same.

 interior white wood stairs
white wood stairs with wood handrails
Staircase design in the interior of the house is generally consistent with the style and image of the interior. Well, why would you, for example, to make a classic clear glass  stairs, and in Russian hut build stairs of stone or brick. Although, now, at the time of total postmodernism is possible. 

Staircase design in the interior can be quite varied and very impressive. Stairs can be a screw. (That's for sure, impressive!). Stairs can be a console. In this ladder one side steps built into the main wall, the second is unlocked and like hanging in the air. (Also impressive!) Stairs can be straight. Stairs can be a straight line with a 90 degrees.

Stairs can be straight with 180-degree swivel. Stairs can be wooden, stone, brick, wrought metal, ceramic, glass, and even a rope! Well, such a staircase, rather accessory adventure stories! First of all, when choosing a design, think about convenience!

Direct wooden staircase
Direct wooden staircase, new wood stairs
Direct wooden staircase leads to the mezzanine. Her style is consistent with the general interior wooden country house. Straight stairs are comfortable and safe, though less spectacular than, for example, screw.

under stairs storage
wood stairs with under stairs storage 
This original design is both stairs and a place of storage. Cabinets and shelves "under the stairs" look rustic and harmoniously.

Turning interior staircase design
Turning staircase design - floating metal stairs
Turning staircase perfect contrast with the white walls, floor, ceiling and glass windows and doors.

classic interior stairs design
classic concrete stairs design
Classics of this line with the rotation of the ladder clear. Style underline forged handrail with an emphasis stylish modernity.

straight stairs design
straight stairs design - iron handrails
A similar version. Only stairs straight, without turning, leads to the second floor mezzanine.

floating interior stairs
floating stairs design - creative interior staircase ideas
Example cantilevered staircase where only one edge is built into the main wall. Black and white minimalist palette emphasizes the geometry of the composition.

new wooden stairs design with glass handrails
new  interior wooden stairs design with glass handrails
Stairs, like any design, well zoned space. In this case, the glass wall adjacent to the stairs, reinforces this position. But not limited to, the partition is also a guarantee of safety.

stylish wood stairs
elegant and stylish wood stairs, handrails
Smooth and elegant lines of the ladder - a stylish homage to the Art Nouveau style.

interior stairs design
curved stairs design , iron handrails
Another example of Art Nouveau style of luxurious materials and natural and flowing lines, without lines and angles.


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